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"Rusher Loscavio Fisher exceeded all my expectations in unexpected ways. I was impressed by the remarkable amount of time Bob and Mike spent at the outset of the process, making sure that they understood every aspect of the complex job requirements. I was just as impressed by the extent of their efforts in selecting the diverse group of candidates they presented for our selection, in ensuring that the candidates were just the right people for the job. They could have been leaders on our own board or staff for all the care they demonstrated! Thanks to you, Bob and Mike, the future of Goodwill is assured. "

Michael Joseph
Chair of the Board Search Committee
Goodwill of San Francisco/San Mateo/Marin

"You will remember us as being very concerned, Bob, about the quality of philanthropic leadership we could attract to a fledgling community foundation with $10 million in assets and 3 staff in Bakersfield, California. You and Mike scoured the world of local talent and national foundation leadership - and brought us some winners. Thanks to you for enabling us to become an impact player in our community."

Judi McCarthy
Board Chair and
CEO Search Committee Chair
Kern Community Foundation

"When you approached me, Bob, about the Executive Director opportunity at SHELTER, Inc., I was reluctant, cautious and skeptical. However, once we spoke a couple of times and you introduced me to the organization, I realized that not only would this provide me with an opportunity to make a real, tangible difference in my community, but with an added bonus that I would live and work close to home and family. Since coming on board in 2006, our budget has grown from $5 million to over $8 million, our services are greatly expanded and diversified, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. This is the most meaningful work I've ever done. Thanks to you and Mike for making this match."

Tim O'Keefe
Executive Director
Shelter, Inc. of Contra Costa County

"Bob and Mike placed Tim O'Keefe at Shelter Inc. at a time when the agency was facing mounting deficits and possible liquidation. That was in 2006 right before I joined the Shelter, Inc. Board. It was through Tim that I met Bob and Mike and decided to work with them to help me phase out of a 20 year corporate tax practice and into a career in community service. Thank you both for helping save Shelter Inc by finding the perfect candidate in Tim O'Keefe and for placing me in a new career with a perfect fit as Executive Director at Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa. Your work is making a difference in the lives of thousands of Contra Costans who will be forever in your debt. "

David Gerson
Executive Director
Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa County

You - our nonprofit clients - appreciate our ability to listen to you, to understand and share your values and priorities, and to support you wholeheartedly through your search for new leadership. We are there for you.

Rusher Loscavio Fisher is all about experience and leadership. Two partners, a true team with 80 aggregate years of leadership identification and recruitment experience, nearly 40 years of building a national reputation for superior success. We appreciate your challenges, share your commitment, and are there for you.

Decades of nonprofit CEO experience equip lead partner Bob Fisher to win the trust of sources and candidates as only a distinguished colleague can, to assess the fit of exceptional candidates to unique positions like yours, and to bring those candidates to you. Bob is everywhere for you.

Decades of executive search experience equip supporting partner Mike Loscavio with sophisticated research and candidate assessment abilities that are unmatchable. Mike is everywhere for you.

The maturity and sound judgment required by nonprofit boards at times of organizational change are the hallmarks of Rusher Loscavio Fisher. RLF is everywhere you need us to be.

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