"Children's Council owes you and Mike a debt of gratitude, Bob. When our long-standing executive director announced her decision to retire after nearly 20 years, the board was very concerned whether we would find someone who could step in to run an organization that addresses a full spectrum of the child care needs of San Franciscan families. Our budget of over $60 million was threatened by significant cuts from the State, the main funder for child care programs. The board was unsure where to turn to face the challenges of significant cuts, disruption at the top of the organization, and an uncertain future. Not only did you accept the executive director search and meet with the board members on an number of occasions, you also helped us organize the process and, as a key to making sure we were all aligned around the process and the priorities, you facilitated a board retreat where we flushed out an agreed-to set of priorities for a new leader of Children's Council. After extensive outreach, you found us a remarkable range of candidates. Thanks to you, we found and choose an outstanding candidate who has led us through the budget crisis and the internal and external challenges of significant change for the organization. It wouldn't have happened without you and Mike. We can't thank you enough: those thanks come from all at Children's Council and from the families of San Francisco who benefit from our services."

Elena Schmid
Chair, Board CEO Search Committee
Children's Council of San Francisco

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