"After vetting a number of firms, the Board of Meals On Wheels of San Francisco was persuaded that you were the very best fit as search consultants for an organization like ours. It was a challenging search because we were losing a much beloved and very effective CEO -- but you listened to our staff and board and friends of MOW, you exercised your magic, and you brought to us an incredible array of local and non-local candidates. Since you brought Ashley McCumber to us from Boston, MOW has continued to improve and grow in every way. Devoted, supportive, knowledgeable, wise - you are exceptional professionals in every conceivable way. Thank you, thank you, Bob and Mike!"
Barbara Walkowski
Member, Board CEO Search Committee
Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

"After my experience with Rusher Loscavio at Meals on Wheels, yours was the first number I dialed to get advice on transition management and the search process for the Sonoma International Film Festival. We were faced with a small budget, a small board, considerable financial challenges, and a complex political environment -- the works. You were there for us from beginning to end, with late night calls, facilitating of Board discussions, through many twists and turns in the drama. Your responsiveness and wisdom were invaluable. We can't thank you enough!"

Barbara Walkowski
Chair, Board Executive Director Search Committee
Sonoma International Film Festival

Nonprofit Transition Services in San Francisco, CA

Leadership transition outcomes usually require more than executive search only, which makes us much more than leadership recruiters alone; supportive consulting throughout a leadership transition is often necessary to ensure a successful transition. Only if you are successful are we successful, and success is not just filling a position. This is where actual nonprofit leadership experience of an executive search firm can make all the difference. Our nonprofit transition services in San Francisco, CA, will help find the right fit for your company.

We believe that we should be available to you to do whatever we can to ensure a successful transition, and we do this pro bono. As a result, our executive search fee is for the full range of services embraced by transition management, and not for executive search alone.

The following services are offered as part of an executive search engagement and are not charged additionally:

  • Outplacement counseling and support of departing executive
  • Confidential counseling for concerned colleagues of the departing executive
  • Search for and recruitment of an interim executive, if necessary
  • Support to interim management team, if necessary
  • Time as needed to assist "inside candidates" during and after the search
  • Consultation with Board members about Board composition in transition and beyond
  • Transition management consultation with Board and staff
  • Transition counseling and, if necessary, relocation counseling to incoming executive and family members
  • Executive coaching for incoming executive
  • Board and organizational development coaching
  • Diversity training if gender, background, or orientation of new executive suggests that this would be useful to the organization
  • Facilitation of Board retreat integrating incoming executive strategically

Rusher Loscavio Fisher is everywhere you need us to be.