"The Coral Reef Alliance is an international environmental organization committed to saving the world's coral reefs. When I contacted you, Bob, and asked you to find a CEO for us, you advised us to complete our already-started "craigslist search" just in case we got lucky. Well, when we didn't find any candidates of quality with our passive search, you and Mike agreed to help us. And help us you did, recruiting a quite remarkable and diverse group of candidates, most of them job-holders, not job-seekers, virtually all of them leaders whom we could never have recruited without your services. The outcome was incredible, with the recruitment of Dr. Michael Webster from the Moore Foundation. You did us - and yourselves - proud. We are grateful to Rusher Loscavio for all you did for us, for the health of the Earth."

Curt Berrien
Chair, Board CEO Search Committee
Coral Reef Alliance

Our Approach

We serve your needs.

It is all about YOU. Every organization is different. Your organization's needs change over time. No one knows your organization as well as you do. Our job is to listen, learn, and then apply all we know from experience to support your leadership transition.

We hold ourselves accountable. Your success is our success.

Our relationship with you is key.

Our relationship is personal, interactive, collaborative. Our 100% rate of successful search completion and the accomplishments of the leaders we place is attributable to the quality of our relationships with our nonprofit clients.

We leverage our ability to network with nonprofit peers everywhere.

Our networks identify the candidates who can do the job exceptionally well. The power of our outreach relates directly to our reputation in the nonprofit field. Our job is to find and present you with excellent candidates; our job is to do whatever is necessary to make the candidate you select successful.

Whether in Northern California or across the U.S., we know where to look - and we find solutions. We are everywhere you need us to be.