"The International Association for Public Participation is grateful to you for recruiting a truly impressive list of candidates for our CEO position. Having candidates from Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Ottawa, Rochester, Phoenix, and Adelaide, to name a few, provided us with a remarkable depth and variety of experience. Thanks to your great work, we were able to select a stellar professional to lead IAP2 into its next stage of development. Thanks to you, Bob and Mike."

Scott Russell
Chair, Board CEO Search Committee, Denver, CO
International Association for Public Participation

Our Process

We pay attention.

We look to board, staff, and others in an intensive front-end process to inform us. The job description we compose - the "career prospectus" - synthesizes our learning from you and becomes our most effective tool as leadership level recruiters. Our frequent reports and updates to you, and the feedback you provide, inform the process.

We check the facts.

It's no coincidence that RLF has written the book on 3-dimensional reference checking, background checking and degree verification. We know our business; we make it our business to understand your needs; we know the nonprofit marketplace.

We adhere to a strict timeline.

From the day we initiate front-end interviewing to understand your requirements to the day you interview the most highly qualified candidates for your position is a predictable 10-12 weeks. Our clients enjoy our process and frequently tell us how much they have learned from it.

We get the job done.

Since 2004, when Bob Fisher joined the firm to lead the NonProfit Practice, 100% of our search assignments have been completed with placement from shortlists of our recruited candidates. In less than 5% of our completed searches have our placements left their position, requiring us to complete a second search at no charge under our unusually long guarantee (when, nationally, nearly 60% of all executive placements fail within 18 months).